Aqua Fitness

Recommences Monday 5th September

Classes times:

Monday: 8.45 -9.30am

Wednesday:6.00pm (daylight savings only)

Friday: 8.45 -9.30am

Cost is $15 per class/ $10 if you have a season ticket

Please ring Linda Horton on 0431 354 123 if you have any enquiries

Aqua Fitness is for all Adults and Seniors. A full-body (but low-impact workout) offering constant movement ideas and motivation. Participate according to your own personal levels.

Classes are held every Monday and Friday mornings from 8.45 - 9.30am

$15 per class includes admission / $10 per class with a season ticket

Please ring Linda 0431 354 123 if you require further information

What are the health benefits?

Aqua Fitness helps to reduce blood pressure and stress levels, it activates the main muscle groups through gentle, low-impact exercise. Yet there is no strain on joints since all movements are under water. Having fun with friends in the water acts as a strong motivation for older adults, enjoy continually moving to the music with the companionship of others.

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Aqua Fitness

Aqua fitness is an aerobic-based activity suitable for all seniors and adults.

TIME 8:45am Monday & Friday mornings.

COST $15/LESSON includes admission ($10 SEASON PASS HOLDERS)

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