Swim Coaching

Swim Coaching

Tailored to both competitive and recreational swimmers of all ages. Coaching is suited to people wishing to continue with their swimming development after having achieved all they can at Mini-Squad level, we have early morning swim coaching run by our Head Coach, Richard Beresford. Swimmers are guided and motivated to reach personal goals and achieve fitness results.


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Swim Coaching – Junior Squad

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REQUIREMENTS:  For swimmers who are competent (correct technique for full distance) in freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke to 150m each, and butterfly to 25m. Great for competitive swimmers, triathletes, and serious Nippers.

TIME 7:30 – 8:30am Weekday mornings, 1 hr sessions (with at least 3 sessions a week recommended).

AIMS Increase fitness, stamina, distance, and ultimately speed for all strokes. 1 to 2km total swim.

COST $70 per month (8 sessions) + admission, unless a season ticket holder


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Swim Coaching – Senior Squad

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REQUIREMENTS: For serious and competent swimmers who wish to improve their stamina, strength and competitiveness. Great for competitive swimmers, triathletes, Surf Lifesavers and Lifeguards.

TIME: 6.00 – 7:30am Weekday mornings.

AIMS: Increase fitness, strength, stamina distance and ultimately speed for all strokes. 3 to 6km total swim.

COST: $10/Session includes pool admission

                $5 Season Ticket Holders

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